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1981) is a case in point in contextualization and reframing. Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching 40, 287-308. av C Persson · 2008 · Citerat av 18 — Submitted to the Faculty of Educational Sciences at Linköping University in partial 9.2.3 ENVIRONMENTAL DIDACTICS IN DIFFERENT CONTEXTS. based on reasoning and logical discussions in which the leader of the dialogue will not reveal practice.

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Stockholm Forsberg E, Ziegert K, Hult H, Fors U (2014): Clinical reasoning in nursing, a think-aloud study using reframing of practice in digital contexts. concerns for teaching and learning science, the practices and processes highlighted in the university course context) through a process of reasoning and action shape each. 27 teachers‟ framing and reframing of their practice (Schön, 1983, 1987) in order to gain. 31 I went to the shop to buy a digital camera.


Gold, J. Theorising and practitioners in HRD: The role of abductive reasoning. environments as sociomaterial agents in the network of teaching practice. Faculty Resource Center COVID Användningen av smartphone apps kan vara ett Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy, 1 5 , The learning lives of digital youth: Beyond the formal impact: Media education and media literacy in a Norwegian context. environments as sociomaterial agents in the network of teaching practice.

Teachers’ pedagogical reasoning and reframing of practice in digital contexts

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HOW TEACHERS REFLECT ON THEIR PEDAGOGY: LEARNING FROM TEACHERS’ PEDAGOGICAL VOCABULARY Lea Lund Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media, Aarhus University, Denmark Abstract: This paper considers the importance of teachers’ beliefs and pedagogical awareness in relation to their teaching practices. These articles were recommended for a major (70%!) assessment piece on pedagogical reasoning. Readers interested in teacher education may also find these articles useful. Articles with hyperlinks have been reviewed - click the link to read the review.

Teachers’ pedagogical reasoning and reframing of practice in digital contexts

‘Beyond the curriculum’ – trainee teachers’ models of knowledge Sam Twiselton This article discusses how pedagogical knowledge can be conceptualised within ITE to support trainee teachers with developing effective learners. In data collected from a large sample of student teachers on a range of IT Moving from pedagogical reasoning to technological pedagogical reasoning. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Information Technology in Teacher Education, Las Vegas, NV. Starkey, L. (2010). Teachers' pedagogical reasoning and action in the digital age. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 16(2), 233-244. of theory and practice that the teacher's enhanced understanding of the subject matter is gained. As reflected in these studies, engagement in pedagogical reasoning of planning for teaching or practical problem solving provides an important site for developing pedagogical competence in handling We explain Shulman's Pedagogical Reasoning and Action Framework with video tutorials and quizzes, using our Many Ways(TM) approach from multiple teachers.
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Teachers’ pedagogical reasoning and reframing of practice in digital contexts

Holmberg}, year={2019} } Understanding pedagogical reasoning, how it develops and the manner in which it influences practice is important.

syllogistic and inferential reasoning is particularly revealing. In brief Dyslexia in evidence-based practice av författarna Reason och Woods (2002). av T Nikko · Citerat av 21 — context, and 2) how do the participants achieve shared understanding of each other's talk.
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Framing in Educational Practices - GUPEA

Umeå, Sweden Metacognition in foreign language teaching — interventional approaches behaviour. The results suggest that writing practice is crucial, but learning to write knowledge is easier to transfer to other contexts, language skills and tasks, automatised  and Recognition in Action Research: Pedagogy and practice theory. London, Digital Spaces: Professional Learning amongst Teacher Educators. Chapter Practice. Traditions of Researching Educational Leadership Across National Contexts. Boyle, T., Petriwskij, A. and Grieshaber, S. (2018) Reframing transitions to.