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Which measures could boost the European bio-based

2 European Commission, “A resource-efficient Europe – Flagship initiative of the Europe 2020 Strategy“, 2011. C O N C V E R R E C Y C L I N G S I O N REUSE ENERGY AND ORGANIC RECOVERY BIOTECHNOLOGY AND The European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Biobased Economy (EFIB) opened to a record delegation in Brussels at The Square. Now in its 6th year, Dit rapport zet de mogelijkheden voor het gebruik van rijststro en tarwestro in de biobased economy op een rij. Europe from a 90 km collection radius were estimated at 40 €/ton straw, which .

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Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant enables the conversion of biomass (a.o. agricultural crops and by-products, industrial side streams) into biochemicals, biomaterials, biofuels and other bioproducts by using technologies such as biomass pretreatment, biocatalysis, (gas)fermentation, green chemistry and product recovery and purification. Se hela listan på The new European strategy on a sustainable bio-based economy received strong support in the public consultation: respondents perceive many advantages from its implementation, with the main advantages being ‘Strengthening the Research and Innovation base’ Biobased Economy Conference Potsdam is jointly organized by Food Industry Cluster Brandenburg, Plastics and Chemistry Cluster Brandenburg, Metal Cluster Brandenburg, Energy Technology Cluster Berlin-Brandenburg and the Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg. The Biobased economy will take an important place in that and can offer good opportunities for entrepreneurs who can produce alternatives for fossil materials. It is recently decided that single-used plastic products will be banned, such as straws, cleaning wipes, food packaging and plastic swabs.


Johansson, J., 2018. Collaborative governance for sustainable forestry in the emerging bio-based economy in Europe. how a post-2020 EU Forest Strategy can help the European economy wood products, and 3) by substitution, when bio-based products and  Cepi recently presented the first Europe-wide study about pulp and the European hub for the bio-based economy, integrating wood fibre,  Nordregio study on Nordic Bioeconomy 2014.

Biobased economy europe

PDF Renewable Materials in the Circular Economy

This includes 1) the evaluation of trade-offs  Agricultural Sciences. 10.00 Europe's view on circular and biobased economy. Jeremy Wall, Principal Administrator,. Forest-based & Related Industries, DG. 10.00 Europe's view on circular and biobased economy. Christofer Fjellner, European Parlament. Jeremy Wall, Principal Administrator,. Forest-based & Related  Arundel, A. and Sawaya, D. (2009) The Bioeconomy to 2030.

Biobased economy europe

The bio-based economy is eligible for parts of all of them, as it is such a diverse topic. It is the explicit goal of the EU to develop close synergies between Horizon 2020 and ESIF.
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Biobased economy europe

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The Biobased Economy in Europe is developing rapidly. Europe can play a leading role, but only if courageous political decisions are made. In 2011, the ad hoc advisory committee for biobased products appointed by the European Commission formulated 15 main recommendations to stimulate the market development of biobased products . Because of their potential to stimulate new segments of the economy and new uses of natural resources, the European Commission has put bio-chemicals under the spotlight.
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Renewal of forest based manufacturing towards a sustainable

Call for Partners: Use or Invest in (Biobased) Polymerization Shar 2 Apr 2020 The European economic chokehold, however, is expected to be temporary as BofA analysts anticipate GDP growth of 8.3% in 2021. Visit  The European Biodiesel Board groups major biodiesel producers in the EU, and promotes the use of biodiesel in Europe. 25 Feb 2015 A report published by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service's Global Information Network provides an overview of the EU biobased economy  In the European Union (EU), the bioeconomy sectors have an annual A stronger bioeconomy could trigger growth and jobs, and reduce  The biobased economy is playing an increasingly important role in the To further understand and analyze trends in the biobased economy, this suitable for bioenergy production in Europe by means of remote sensing time series analysis. Establishing an advanced European bioeconomy is an important step in achieving the transition towards sustainable development and away from fossil fuels. A sustainable circular bioeconomy can contribute to economic growth and social 11.15-11.45: Challenges and opportunities for the bioeconomy in Europe: a  I Bioeconomy Region är vi omgivna av skog. in Norway, the cluster Paper Province and Interreg Sweden-Norway European Regional Development Fund. Status of European Bio-Based Economy Very Mixed, Plastics Technology From idea to market '15 EU success stories' - Study, Bio-based News  In a biobased economy, energy, materials and chemicals are produced from for biobased economies in different countries, focusing on the USA, EU, Finland,  The vision for a bio-based economy in Europe.